How the Economy is Shaping the Current Fashion Trends

With the global credit crunch hitting many people’s disposable income, this winter’s clothing trends and the Christmas season to come came seem like horrible expenses but if we take a look at what the fashion world has thrown at us we can see that it has moved away from impractical styles that were afforded less than a year ago. Instead the top fashion houses fall 08 collection has been to focus on sharp style such as military style wool coats and stripes which all points to one thing, smart style and hard work is the in thing. With high collars and zips (although styled not centrally) in an attempt to help stimulate the nation’s workforce to ward off colds and flu and continue working hard.

The high street shops have adapted to this, just look at Burton and Next’s winter collection, they have followed this same trend for the men out there who are struggling hard to keep their jobs. Fashion has predominantly been based on economy, various people in the 1900s favoured denim because of its high durability for the labourers who endured very tough working conditions; it was also favoured by fishermen.

The winter collection for many style houses is a walk in the right correct away from outlandish trends that all of a sudden feel like they were from another decade let alone a different financial climate; things such as men’s tights belong to a different age now. It is a stark reason to be thankful that we all still have jobs and we need to protect ourselves against prolonged work absences

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